Mike Connor

Cinematographer / Director of Photography

Mike Connor has over 35 years of motion picture camera experience internationally. Film, digital cameras, motion control & VFX. Working alongside Directors as Hugh Hudson, Ridley Scott, Sidney Pollack, Milos Forman, Giuseppe Tornatore and many prestigious cameramen, artists and creatives as Graham Fink.


Cinematography and visual effects:

over 50 Cinema major feature films.


Director of photography:

over 4,500 TV commercials worldwide


Director / Cinematographer:

over 90 TV commercials and corporate films - Europe and the Middle East

major feature films.


About Mike


I am passionate about the industry that I engage each and every day.


Each day is as exciting as my first day with Hugh Hudson later to direct “Chariots of Fire” who for many years was one of my great mentors.


As the years moved along so ones experience and knowledge is granted a wider view of style and taste from many directors, cameramen notably David Watkin and John Alcott and many script writers. Additionally from the varity of lenes that have been produced over the years that would give that look for a certain project.

I started with 35mm film and there is still no replacements for chemicals although there are a few superb looks coming from Red and Blackmagic. Having said that each and every camera to today has a place within the arsenal of looks and suitability for each project being matched with a chosen set of lenses.

Each and every day is new day with Director and most high on my list the art director or Production designer without whom our artists would have no setting for action and  dialogue.

At the end of the day…in the words of Freddy Cooper “ It’s not what you know …. its understanding what you can get away with”


Remember…Your best critic is yourself


Mike shooting a film about recruiting for the Swedish Air Force. The producer was Patrick von

Faber-Castel of"Travel to Romantis".

Mike's experience


Facility for 12k Blackmagic and Red cameras for projects, VFX & films.


Development of 12k/8k digital lab with David Bush

A mobile digital post production lab for grading, VFX & editorial on location or studio.


8K/12K Mobile Digital Lab



“My Story” Director of Photography - a film profile of the life and times of

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum of Dubai


2016 /2020

‘Vision 2030’  Director / DoP / Drone operations… series of films for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Dealing with construction and development including the Riyadh metro, oil production, tourist development and culture.



Awarded ‘Professorship of Cinematography’ … by the Shanghai Film Art Academy



The Legend of 1900 (1998)

 CHINA vfx studio.jpeg


Establishment in China – setting up of production structures for international films and lectures with practical instruction.                                                                    

Cinematography & VFX for Chinese market (features & advertising)



‘Jackboots on Whitehall’  - Cinematography  DoP - over 600 visual effect shots


‘Appassionata’ – Short Film – Awarded Oscar at Long Island film festival  ‘Best Foreign Film’ Cinematography & Producer.  Exhibited in 29 film festivals worldwide including Shanghai



‘Eichmann’ - DoP, Executive Producer  & story line



‘Oliver Twist’ – DoP for VFX Cinematography

Dir. Roman Polanski



‘Silence Becomes You’ world first fully digital film RAW 4:4:4 data

Photography and post-production with David bush



‘Legend of 1900’  - VFX Cinematography

Dir. Giuseppe Tornatore


1994 – 2020

Founder of Motion Control Cameras Ltd UK - operating in the motion picture industry for more than 25 years providing specialist cinematography and visual effects cinematography for over 50 major films and high end TV series, in addition to thousands of TV commercials, branding and music films.


Harry Potter 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8, Band of Brothers, Casino Royal (Bond), Quantum of Solace (Bond), Golden Compass, Prince Caspian, Penelope, Stardust, Sahara, Blood & Chocolate, Batman Begins, Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, Life Aquatic, Brothers Grimm, Alexander, Five Children and It, Wimbledon, Oliver Twist (Roman Polanski), Die Another Day (Bond), Neverland, Ella Enchanted, Tomb Raider I & II, Below, The Importance of Being Ernest, The Others, Legend of 1900 (Italy), Ninth Gate (Roman Polanski), Enemy at the Gate, Vajont (Italy).


Vajont (2001)


Consultancy & Cinematography on a long line of commercial advertising productions in UK and Europe, resulting hundreds of TV commercials for an innumerable number of brands worldwide. Consultant to the Soviet government (USSR) 


Feature films 1981 to 1987 - Focus / 1st ac / Second camera operator

‘La Cenerentola'

Dir. Jean-Pierre Ponnelle



Dir. Hugh Hudson

‘Hotel New Hampshire’

Dir. Tony Richardson

‘Out of Africa’

Dir. Sydney Pollock

‘White Nights’

Dir. Taylor Hackford



Dir. Peter Hyams



Designer of ‘Super 35mm’ camera system for Warner Brothers


Some early projects:

‘Chariots of Fire’ 

Dir. Hugh Hudson

‘Alien’ - (Part) model unit with Oscar awarded Denny Ayling

Dir. Ridley Scott

‘Das Boot’ - (Part) Underwater photography with Egil Woxholt

Dir. Wolfgang Peterson


‘Midnight Express’ - Second unit Photography in Turkey

Dir. Alan Parker

‘Yentl’ - Second unit Additional Photography in Czechoslovaki

Dir.Barbara Streisand


‘Amadeus’ – Third camera additional Photography in Czechoslovakia 

Dir. Milos Forman

Some of Mike's showreels

Some of Mike's clients