Favourite films

The following list is of Mike's favourite films particularly in respect of cinematography, technical expertise and creativity.

Orson Welles appears in The Third Man

Third Man 1949 

the greatest entry of an actor into a film / classic usage of Deutsch angle

Seven Samurai 1954 

a true masterpiece

Citizen Kane 1941 

an encyclopaedia of camera techniques

In the Heat of the Night 1967 

acting at its best

Solaris 1972 USSR + remake 2002

Good Bad & Ugly 1966  

a music lesson understanding the marriage of Vison and Morricone

Schindler's List 1993  

why we may still shoot B&W

Blade Runner 1982 

great set design

Alexander Nevsky 1938 

a classic propaganda film of these times.

Psycho 1960 

a lesson in the editorial pace

Das Boot 1981  

an education in the power of the original language…always to use subtitles.

Metropolis 1927  

visual story telling…with a warning

The car scene

Paper Moon 1973 

demonstrating even the young can deliver a perfect performance

Midnight Cowboy 1969

Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman - you need no others!

M 1931

early cinema lessons of building story & suspence

400 Blows 1959

trapped between past and future

Shoah 1985 

difficult to describe as a favourite due to subject matter, but surely the finest visual historic documentation by Claude Lanzmann of a dark era.

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