The following list is of films Mike finds particularly interesting in respect of technical expertise and creativity.

Interesting viewing

Le Cop 1984

Chinatown 1974

Throne of Blood 1957

Bicycle Thieves 1948

Cinema Paradiso 1988

Battle of Algiers 1966

shot on the original locations

Olympia 1936

a pioneering view of the achieving human body

Ken Burns – Vietnam. 

documentary film making at its best.

The Opening

Touch of Evil 1958

note the opening scene all in one take… a super undertaking

Richard III 1995  

illustrating that a story may be timeless

An Epic Among Epics

War & Peace (USSR) 1967

never again such real breathtaking vistas

Takeoff scene

Catch 22  

special note to the B25 takeoff scene… it's real!

The Charge of the Light Brigade 1968

casting at its best

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